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Touch to Review

Is a customer feedback solution which allows customers to very easily rate their retail experience. Our solution is guided by the principle you can’t effectively run your business if you don’t know what your customers are saying.

We provide solutions to all areas of retail and in particular the Service industry and the Retail banking space.

We only operate a fully transparent and non solicited solution which is not aimed to trick or coerce customers to leave reviews of a particular slant – customers say what they want.

You Get

  • Increased Customers
  • Better web presence
  • Higher word of mouth conversion
Touchtoreview - Tablet based review solution

Collect customer reviews at source – not after the transaction

With an estimated 80% of customers not leaving a review, our solution bridges that gap, encouraging every customer to rate their experience.

Our solution makes it simple for your customers to leave reviews for you. This is via our tablet and custom app solution that sits in your lobby/branch/shop allowing customers to say what’s on their mind.

Why do you need reviews?

  • Provide recommendations that other customers are more likely to trust than your own descriptions : word of mouth
  • Let you get to know your customers
  • What your customers think of your products and services, either in general or about specific aspects
  • To provide inspiration and guidance for future product or service development
  • Identifying areas for growth or gaps in the market
  • Clearly understanding existing and potential customer needs and how your business can address them

Bad reviews affect your business, have you the time to monitor them all?

Retailers have spoken. We know how damaging bad reviews are and see it first hand on a daily basis. It is difficult to train up and then appoint a staff member to monitor all sources of bad reviews.

Touch to review offers a solution whereby we monitor review sites on a constant basis. We respond on your behalf to negative reviews minimising their reach.

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