3 customer feedback techniques

You have 60 minutes….GO!

Time is money, right? Don’t get caught wasting your prescious resources to spend hours coming up with something that can be relatively painless. You, businessperson, have decisions to make, and you need to make them quickly. First, you have to know what your customers think about how you’re doing and, hopefully, get them to give you some pointers on a good direction to travel. Here enters the concept of customer feedback. Don’t panic. Here are three customer feedback techniques you can implement in one hour that are a surefire way to get you the data you need, and keep your campaigns running strong.


Customer Feedback Technique #1: Pick up the phone!


Don’t answer it. Well, answer it if it rings, but then pick it up and dial a few numbers of your most recent customers. You should have that information and if you don’t, there are many incredible ways for you to acquire it regularly from your patrons. Once you have the phone numbers, shut your office door and get ready to take some notes.


Have a predetermined set of quick questions. You may even find great results if you start off with a good script, especially if you’re conversation shy. Get on the phone, introduce yourself and ask away. Most people who continue to speak to you are sure to answer candidly. Record everything, and enjoy the results you’ve received for less than an hour of your time.


Customer Feedback Technique #2: Cast a Social Poll


Facebook is the best platform to use for this technique. Log onto your page, which your business should most definitely have. Once there, navigate to app that allows you to cast a poll to your audience. Ask a simple question that rates a specific product or service. Writing and posting a poll takes only a few minutes, and you can have possibly instant customer feedback. The larger your audience, the larger the data.


Customer Feedback Technique #3: Impromptu Specials


If there are customers in your store right now, and there will still be some in an hour, then get onto the computer and make yourself a coupon! It’s that easy. The only catch is that the respondents must be in the store to participate and they must answer a few of your carefully crafted questions. This is customer feedback at its best because it’s real, it’s current and there’s really no place for your customers to go to avoid you. We always advocate incentivising as a good way to do business! http://touchtoreview.com/our-service/


Basically, with all of the incredible ways to communicate in our modern world, there is no reason to spend so much time gathering priceless customer feedback. In less than an hour, these customer feedback techniques can give you awesome amounts of information. Utilizing small bursts of customer interaction can work alone or as part of a larger customer survey campaign. It’s all about how you choose to communicate. Try these three customer feedback techniques the next time you have to make a decision, and see how much value you can squeeze out of one of your work hours.

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