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It’s easy to ask a customer about their experiences with your business and yield high results from your survey. However, few surveys take into consideration the customer’s cumulative experience with your business. This perspective is incredibly important to consider, especially if you wish to see your business survive and thrive in the future. The trick is getting all of those positive experiences to combine into a single positive customer journey.

Focusing on the overall experience that is made up of small touch points along the way will ensure you create a brand culture that patrons will flock to with loyalty. It sounds complicated, and it sometimes is. However, if you keep reading, we’ll help you make sense of everything and ensure you create positive cumulative experiences, across multiple touch points, in multiple channels over time with your beloved patrons.

You’ve All Thrown Parties, Right?

Think of a cumulative customer experience as a visit to your house. For this exercise to work, you have to pretend that your business is your house, and visitors can do different things in each room. Think of each room as a different channel for customer interaction. Each channel has varying touch points. These touch points are individual interactions with customers.

A good host never focuses on only one thing. For example, you won’t put a ton of energy into your secret-recipe fruit punch and simultaneously neglect the pile of laundry on your bathroom floor. Of course, you would never. That’s because you understand that, while your guest might have loved your fabulous fruit punch, they saw your dirty laundry, and therefore their entire opinion of your party is now tainted. It works the same way with your customers’ cumulative experience with your business.

Clean All Rooms

Each room in your house party thought process can serve as a different customer experience channel. For example, one room is your social media presence, one room is your store, one room is your customer service process…etc. Each channel offers multiple touch points, and each touch point is an opportunity to enhance a single customer experience.

Each room, or channel of customer interaction, must either sparkle or stay closed. It’s easy to apply this logic to your business. For example, if you’re not willing to put effort into social media or pay someone else to manage it for you, then don’t have a Facebook account. Just like leaving open the door to a messy room can influence the opinion of your guests, an unresponsive and infrequently updated Facebook page, or similar channel, can leave a bad memory in the minds of patrons.

Go With a Grand Theme

The trick to growing a loyal customer base is making sure their cumulative experiences across multiple touch points in multiple channels over time is absolutely stellar. When you throw an awesome party, you probably decorate. Your decorations probably follow a theme, and each room adds its own flare to the festivities.

You can mimic this in the experience you give your customers across all of your interaction channels. For example, a bank can launch a campaign that promotes their personal-style customer service and pushes new checking accounts. The banners and promotional materials meticulously hung in the lobby are touch points within a single channel. Each touch point must please the visitor, call to action and sync seamlessly with the same message throughout their entire experience.

Transition the scenario to the point where customers begin to have contact with staff. This is an extraordinary customer interaction channel. Each conversation, each up sell and each transaction is a customer touch point that must be monitored and also sync with the rest of the campaign.

Physical Touchpoints

Our particular favourite and our focus is in the realm of physical, touch points and having a focal point where customers rate their experience impartially on site and our opinion is that this makes it as easy as possible for the customer (They don’t need their mobile phone) and easy for the retailer (information is collected at source, compiled into easy to understand data) again this model is easily adoptable to multiple points on the one premises eg restaurant, POS, leisure centre, Spa etc. This is one possible experience in the grand scheme of possible customer interactions.

To Conclude…

When a customer travels from first interaction to end of transaction, they form a fairly solid opinion of your business that is very difficult to transform once set. While your individual interactions, or touch points, may rank as highly positive with your customers, it is still important to understand whether or not their cumulative experiences are overall positive. That is why it is so imperative that you examine multiple touch points in multiple channels over time. For best business operations, practice this technique from both the bottom up and from the top down. Executives and day-to-day staff must all be on the same mission to better the customer’s cumulative experiences and build your brand.

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