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An open dialog with your market is one of the most valuable concepts to come out of modern communication technology. It allows you to experiment, gather feedback and develop a strong following of loyal patrons. The key to this dialog is striking that initial contact with your prospective market. Once you make meaningful contact, an open dialog with your market is easy to sustain.

Customer service surveys offer a perfect way to reach out and welcome initial contact. Surveys not only stand to offer the responder involvement in the brand and possibly incentives, they also require a small amount of emotional investment since time and energy are required to complete the survey. This increases the likelihood that your responder will welcome future interaction with your business. Those future interactions combine to form the sought after open dialog with your market.


Make Contact and Sustain an Audience

Crafting a compelling and useful customer service survey is the first and most important step in the quest to create an open dialog with your market. To ensure that future contact from your business is welcome and expected, you have to do two things. First, you have to collect contact information from your responders. You must then also offer them a clear way to join your audience on various social media platforms. This begins the relationship that needs to exist before you can create an open dialog with your market.

Once you have these responders as part of your online audience, the business culture you present and its relevance to their lives are what will keep them engaged. When an audience member stays engaged long enough to view, react to and interact with your media, they develop into your community of brand supporters. A supporter rallies around your business, patronizes you regularly and promotes your activities. These people are the most valuable participants in the open dialog with your market.

Observe, Learn and Adjust for Your Community

Like them or not, your core supporters are the bread and butter of your business. By viewing their profiles and observing their activities with your brand and elsewhere online, you can get a good understanding of what they enjoy. This gives you limitless information that you can use to adjust your products and services in an effort to grow revenue. Having this type of knowledge about your community of supporters allows you to craft even more specific customer service surveys, gain further insight and develop an even stronger open dialog with your market.

Through their activities and responses, you may even come across ideas for new products and services relevant to your brand. Your community is also a great place to start if you’re looking to make a part of your operations or offerings better than they currently are. Creating an open dialog with your market is all about enhancing your understanding of your customers. When you understand them, and they know that, they are more apt to listen when you have something to promote.

Get Your Audience to Continue as Patrons

Since you’ve done incredible customer service surveys, developed an online following and learned all you can about your community, you are ready to present promotional material. This material can promote sales, product launches, new locations and other exciting developments. With the knowledge bank you’ve built up about your market, you can now effectively communicate in ways that will drive conversion and sales dollars.

Having an open dialog with your market also allows you to create fun and engaging events to surround your promotions. Now that you truly know your market, you can feel confident that you’re providing something they genuinely want and will enjoy. You know how to get the message across, and they’re willing to hear it. This is when those initial customer service surveys really prove their value. You engaged your responders and they rewarded you with interaction and sales.

Continue to enhance your open dialog with your market by offering customer service surveys after each significant event for your business. Dialogs can grow stale, so consistent conversation is essential to keeping your followers engaged and communicable. As you develop in your customer service surveys, you can begin to experiment with focus groups, polling and serious market research. An open dialog with your market all starts with a simple plan and a few moments of your customer’s time.

After some time participating in an open dialog with your market, you’ll take on the reputation of a business that cares about its customers. A good practice to put in place is a general ‘new customer’ survey to get people to pay attention to the conversation after their very first interaction with you. When they see an entire community of people communicating their wants and a business delivering in return, new customers are happy to join in and give their two cents, too. Keep administering your customer service surveys and enjoy the rhythms of a profitable open dialog with your market.



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