The customer journey

Each business offers a different customer journey, and it varies from customer to customer. However, all businesses should want to improve the customer journey they offer, and doing so can have immensely positive results. If you’re not sure how good your customer journey is, read on for a few tips to get you on the right path. Once you’re there, you’ll know how to improve customer experiences throughout the customer journey you offer, no matter what industry you’re in.

Parts of a Whole

A simple way to think of ways to improve customer experiences throughout the customer journey is to chunk the journey up into parts. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll separate a customer’s journey into four parts; meeting, patronizing, support, and follow up.

Introduce Yourself Well

Each one of your customers found you in a very specific way. If you did an awesome customer survey, you would know exactly how they did so. Assuming you’ve done that, there are a few ways you can make sure that each of their customer experiences in this part of the journey bring in the best conversion rates.

First, make sure that your marketing is on point. Ad campaigns and brand development must offer modern consumers simple, direct messages that are easy to understand. QR codes, those crazy looking black and white boxes, are very easy to create and can direct a mobile web user to a specific landing page of your choosing. Tools like those make for greatly positive customer experiences during a crucial point in the journey. Once they’re on your page, you can direct them towards more rewarding and valuable content and, eventually, get them to spread the word and convert.

Welcome Them with Open Arms

When someone decides to patronize you, they are already well into their customer journey with your business. This is where you must ensure your staff is 100% committed to providing exemplary customer service at each individual interaction. Each interaction, combined with their feelings towards the environment you create, directly contributes  to the customer journey.

Once they’re there, offer great accommodations. You can win over most modern consumers by enhancing the run of the mill experiences where they might not expect surprises. For example, offer free coffee or other refreshments. When your staff is incredible and you have special accommodations, the value of your product or service is almost instantly increased from your customer’s perspective.

Offer Wonderful Support

One of the easiest places to negatively affect your entire customer journey is in the support phase. Once they are your patrons, you cannot abandon them. This means that each time they call for help, you have the opportunity to improve customer experiences. Make sure that your compassion is turned all the way up within each member of your staff. To verify that, you can use customer surveys, but keep the data in scope with the entire customer journey.

Invite Them Back Nicely

Don’t underestimate the power of a follow up interaction. These customer experiences are crucial to built a one-time patron into a loyal advocate for your brand. In normal operations, there are at least two opportunities in this phase to improve customer experiences.

First, always say thank you. A thank you note on a receipt is nice, but you can do better than that. Send an email or even a letter. It doesn’t need to solicit anything right away, just a simple note to express your gratitude as a businessperson for their patronage. The second opportunity comes with a friendly hello later on. Here is where you can improve even more. The friendly hello can also include a delicious incentive for the customer to return to your business. Doing so not only makes your customer feel valued, but perpetuates their customer journey with your business.

The entire customer journey is important in business, not just individual customer experiences. However, each interaction is a touchpoint and an opportunity for you to improve the overall image of your business. For an almost guaranteed enhancement overall, follow these tips, and look more closely at how you can improve customer experiences throughout the customer journey that your business offers.

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