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In the world of online reviews, there are about a million different places for people to speak their mind about your business. Some are stronger and more valued than others, and, unfortunately, some are a waste of your valuable businessperson time. There is a core group, however, of influential review sites you need to be on. Here’s a list of them with very compelling reasons to sign up.



Yes, we know that everyone knows about Yelp. That’s why it’s imperative that you have a presence there. Even if you haven’t created one yourself, chances are that one of your patrons might have already placed you on there. As a business owner, you have some control over your profile on Yelp, but the best part of that platform is its popularity and reviews. More popular in the US than Europe and the rest of the world but It’s going to be a big player in Europe.

Yelp allows customers to give your business a rating and tell about their experiences there. In today’s economy, consumers are constantly researching to find the best value for their money. Experiences directly dictate value, and that’s why online reviews are so important. Yelp allows consumers a trusted interface to see the truth about past patrons’ experiences, and make their own decisions from there. As the most popular review platform out there, Yelp is one you must be on.



Like it or Loathe it, Tripadvisor is the big daddy. Hotels and restaurants, certainly in Europe, are singing to it’s tune. It is the first port of call for a lot of travelers.  it houses more than 170 million reviews and opinions of travel-related businesses. Reviews are posted from travelers all over the world and 100 new posts are being added every minute. Check out a super article on the “Trip advisor effect”



Here is a platform that is mostly all about you. However, there is a very valuable review function on business pages. This review function works like most others with a star rating and a comment section. The great thing about using Facebook reviews is that it is on your Facebook page. That means that your visitors, reviewers or readers, will have your entire media collection right alongside the reviews. This can save you if you have a few negative online reviews, and enhance the positive ones that are posted.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform. More and more businesses are understanding how to better reach their customers through this modern communication portal. Since your business already has a Facebook page, publicizing the review function makes for an easy task on your busy to-do list.



This is an innovative new company that is more about building good business than the rest of the platforms. It is an app based program that sees itself as an alternative to Yelp. Instead of crying out when a business does poorly, Goodsnitch sends that negative review directly to the business, without making it public. On the flip side, good reviews are publicized. It’s a win-win for honest businesspeople.


Goodsnitch is growing in popularity and attracts a higher level of consumer clientele. People who use this platform have a genuine desire to see a business put their opinions to good use. The platform is anonymous, which makes it difficult to reach out and offer amends. However, you can rest assured that you will receive honest reviews from Goodsnitch.



What doesn’t Google do these days? Well, not much, and their influential review sites are a definite must for your business. Hopefully, you have a good social media strategy in place and are using your business Google+ page to its fullest potential. Assuming that’s the case, make sure that you have the review function enabled in your profile settings.

This will do a multitude of wonderful things. First, your general rating automatically appears beneath your Google+ page listing in search results. Since Google is the most popular search tool on Earth, it makes sense to have a strong presence there. In many cases, a business’s Google+ page will turn up in search results even before their website. Take advantage of this influence, and get on Google reviews.


There are many other sites that are worth your time as a businessperson, but these listed are the most influential review sites you must be on. When you grow your presence, and let your customers know you want their reviews, you’ll find an incredible amount of information begin to pour off your screen. As long as you use these reviews properly, you can count on your business growing as a result of your participation on these influential review sites.

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