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Your 2015 customers are modern, savvy consumers who will choose to spend their hard earned money with businesses who value their opinions and offer the best value. However, the concept of value has changed dramatically. While price still plays a strong role in value calculation, modern consumers want a customer experience that is just as good as the product or service that they’re paying for. Make sure you offer the best value to your customers and learn how to redesign your customer experience in 2015.

Know Exactly Where You Stand

The easiest way to figure out the caliber of customer experience your business already offers is to conduct a customer survey. No matter how elaborate the survey is, ensure you ask questions that will generate usable data. For example, to improve customer experience, begin with queries that beg responses about your brand and the respondent’s opinion of it as a whole. As the survey progresses, extract more specific information about different departments and phases within the customer journey. This information will help you understand a baseline of customer response, and allow you to make decisions about redesigning your customer experience in 2015.

Hopefully, you’ll only need to make a few changes to your customer experience. However, in the event that your survey returns negative results, you may have to begin from the bottom up. Invite your staff to give their opinions of how well operations currently run. Ask them directly how they feel that customer experience is improvable, and what they would do if the decisions were theirs. A business owner is almost always surprised when their staff answers honestly, and it is a great starting point for customer experience redesign.

Look at Every Touchpoint

Considering the customer experience as a whole, it’s sometimes difficult to find specific areas to redesign. Simplify this by looking at all the different interactions your customers have with your business, and group those interactions into categories. Perhaps you may need to develop teams that handle customers from introduction to follow-up. Maybe you’ll need to greet your customers earlier, offer more comfortable accommodation or have more highly trained employees. Each interaction, or touchpoint, is an element to manipulate as you redesign your customer experience in 2015.


Once you have grouped individual customer touchpoints, start looking at ways to change things to improve efficiency, enjoyment and how memorable the customer experience is. Get creative, ask your staff and hire help in this area if you need to. Make small changes at first, and follow the next step to make sure your redesign goes off without a hitch.

Test Your Theories, and Repeat,

Once you’ve made a few changes to your customer experience, make sure that the changes are actually improvements and not just large wastes of time. Again, the most simple way to see how well you’re doing with your customers is to ask them directly with a customer survey. Follow-up surveys as you redesign your customer experience are great opportunities to get creative and communicate a genuine appreciation for your respondents’ participation.

With feedback about your customer experience redesign, you’ll have actual proof of how well you’re doing and how well your patrons like your new offerings. If you see negative results, well, that just means you have more adjusting to do. It’s not always easy to redesign your customer experience, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

The two simplest things to focus on as you redesign your customer experience are the caliber of your customer service staff and how easy it is to interact with your business. Making changes to these two groups of touchpoints is almost always instantly measurable. However you choose to redesign your customer experience in 2015, make sure that you’re staying connected with your market and delivering an experience they’ll choose to patronize.

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